+3 #4 lilychangclily373 2016-07-12 07:31
:-| :-| :-) :-) :lol: :D quesh :sigh: :roll: :P :zzz :eek: :-x :-? :cry: :o :sad: :-* :oops:
+2 #3 lilychangLily Chang 2016-07-12 07:27
:P :roll: 8) ;-) :oops: :cry: :sad: :-* :o :o :-x :-* :oops:
+2 #2 lilyLily Chang 2016-07-12 07:26
I like the gemes :sigh: :P :-) :P :D :-*
+6 #1 The Last of Worms ZEROCrazy 2016-03-12 13:28
Hiya! We are starting works on the next part of The Last of Worms, cryptonym ZERO.

In the latest version of our game we focused on the diversity of the gameplay. In short, more maps, more weapons, more zombie-bugs to kill and so on. You will find cooperation mode for 4 players.

What do you think about player vs. player or collaborative zombie shelling? Or maybe other variations such as corporate survival or for example catch the zombie like in the game Capture the flag, except that here besides two teams there will be hordes of zombies which will additionally hinder the game.

Or else you want to play the role of zombie…?

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